Who We Are?

En Desarrollo Istmeño de Housing, S.A. We are specialists in real estate and development of residential and commercial complexes of great relevance in Panama. We are committed to maintaining our vision by selecting the best finishes, the location of our projects, prices without competition, all this through personalized attention, to achieve total satisfaction of the needs of our customers, maintaining a high sense of innovation .

To reach our goals, we have the support of a team of more than 150 employees of the best professionals in the construction industry, using first quality materials, thus guaranteeing excellent details and unsurpassed finishes in all of their housing units . Desarrollo Istmeños de Viviendas, S.A. A purely Panamanian company with more than 30 years of experience, has built more than 6,000 departmental units.

On these solid foundations, DIVISA has based the quality of its projects to offer thousands of Panamanians a home of their own and the most beautiful dream of providing a better future for their families.